About us

Who we are and why we opened this online store.

We are a family with 4 children, where the 2 youngest still live at home. The man in the house is from Turkey, while the housewife is from northern Norway. At the start, we were in the situation where you had to choose between food or the trousers that the child so badly needed and we know what a great strain it can be both to get him to walk around, but also the great strain it has on family life. We both work full time so that we do not become an "expense" for the company. Here, every penny will go to keep the company going and buy new clothes for all of you.

Since my husband is from Turkey, he manages to get very good deals on clothes so that we can buy them cheaply without compromising on quality. We are very careful that those who work in the factories are treated well, have good conditions and fair wages. This is something that we have a BIG focus on when we buy goods from Turkey. We do what we can to provide affordable clothes of good quality so that others in the same situation can afford a little more and that everyone else can find great clothes.

Now when there is so much instability in the world around us, electricity and food prices are skyrocketing, so many people are struggling to make ends meet. We hope that we can help make everyday life a little easier by finding what the children need without having to empty their wallets.

BUT, this is an online store for everyone. It's not just for those who can't afford it. We do our utmost to keep the prices down, and who doesn't like to get a good "bargain".

Have a great day ahead
The Yüce family